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On February 15th after the camera event Cp+ with Eyeem group we had an interesting  photo walk in Yokohama area.

I decided to use my Fuji Tx-1 with a Velvia 100F loaded in it. The weather was perfect even if a little bit too windy. As usual with this camera I focus everything in panorama mode and as usual I used the HP photosmart film scanner.  The photos were post producted in photoshop to try to get the original colors.

There is an extra photo taken in Shinjyuku because I wanted to finish the roll that i decided to include in this gallery too.

Here is the selection i made. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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Last week I developed a Provia 100f with some of my old photos around Tokyo and Hong Kong. These were taken with my Fujifilm Tx1. This camera is really a special one. Thinking in double frame is something that always challenge you.

Because this time I didn’t have any special theme I just uploaded these photos all together. Please enjoy it and Stay Click!


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Ektar 100. I decided to give it one more try.  I was more satisfied this time with these results and I think that one of the reason is because last time the main color was yellow and green but now is blue. I want to see again if this will be the main color again if the results are like this. I didn’t fix anything in this photos except aligning them.

Even this time I used the Hassellad 500C with 50m lens f4.  You can find the selection below. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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Last week on January 2nd I went with my friend Andy to have a photo walk around Ueno area. I thought it was a great chance to try a very old Ilford HP5 220 film that was expired in Feb 1982. It was my first Ilford and I was really interested in trying this film expired 32 years ago. Of course I could’t expect so much from this roll so I decided for the first use to try in a sunny day. It is a 400 ISO film and I used it with this setting. When I gave to the photo lab waiting for the result was really exciting. And even more was the result! The photo lab told me that the “color” and gradation was not so strong (obviously). When I scanned it with the Epson GT-8700f  the results were too dark so in these photos post production I mainly work fixing exposure and contrast. On the opposite side the film is pretty good looking through the light table so I’m sure it is only a scanner setting.

As first film of the year I’m definitely satisfied for the result. Here you are the selection from the 24 frames. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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At the end of November I went with my Hasselblad elm 500 to Shinjyuku Gyouen Mae park to take some photos about autumn colors. That park is one of the best in my opinion for taking photos and for relax inside Tokyo. This time I tried for the first time Kodak Ektar 100 120 film expire 2016. After developing the film I scanned it with Epson GT-8700F 300 dpi scan.

The result of the photos is not so positive and I needed to fix the colors in photoshop, more than I expected.

I want to try again this film in different situation to see how it respond.

For now enjoy this selection and Stay Click!!


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I`m here again with some photos I chose from the ones I took in Hong Kong this month. This time I divided it in 2 different groups and for this post I chose color photos only. The camera kit was always the  Fujifilm X-E1 with the Samnang 14 mm Canon mount.

This city has lots of interesting things and one of them is that is really colorful. It has a mix of old and new, color and kanjis.

Here is the gallery with the selected photos. Enjoy it and Stay click


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December 7th-10th after long long time I did a travel in Asia alone and especially in Hong Kong.

It was the first time for me to travel in this country and I didn`t know very much what i could expect there and the camera choice was pretty hard. But because I had to walk for 3 days around the city I decided to go light……Well I decided it but at the end I went there with 3 lenses and 2 cameras ^^. I had with me the Fujifilm X-E1 (first time I really used it) with canon lens adapter, canon 18-135 and Samyang 14 mm 2.8 and Voigtlander 24mm L mount. At the end mainly I used the Samyang and I think with the Fujifilm is pretty a good combination even if sometime difficult to find the right focus especially in late evening/night.


In this post, inspired by some photos of Hong Kong I saw online about Hong Kong skyscrapers, I decided to show this place from a different point of you, in a way that usually we are not used to, especially if just for travel when we don`t have enough time to appreciate all the small things of the place we are visiting.

Here is the selection I chose. The photos were taken in jpg and a little bit postproducted in camera raw.

Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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On August 24th I decided to visit another special festival here in Japan, probably one of the last one for this summer. The Super Yosakoi ( 2014 in Harajuku area.

“Yosakoi Festival was born in 1954 while after the war depression by Kouchi chamber of commerce and industry a board of trade for recovery economics and build up local area.For the first time, it was done by 21 participated team and 750 participants, but for the 30th time, it grew up to over 10,000 participant

festival. In 1970 it was chosen one of the top 10 festival in Japan by Osaka international exhibition. Then now after passed about 50 years, Yosakoi enlarge to all over the Japan by who was attracted individuality performance, and many Yosakoi style festival has been born in Japan that the number is now about 220 or more.” [via Yosakoi official site]

It was the first time for this kind of festival that is mainly a dance festival. That day I decided to test my Hasselblad 500 elm ( vita Velvia 100f 220 expired april 2014. The camera is heavy but is a pleasure to look through the finder even if is a little bit difficult to level it at least at the beginning.

The film was scanned by Epson flat scanner gt-8700. The film is in my opinion a little bit too red and I did postproduction trying to make saturation value lower.

Here is the selection I chose. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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August is famous in Japan for lots of Matsuri that are festival where people pouring the streets between stands, fireworks, yukata and jinbei. This time on august 23rd I went to Azabujuban (麻布十番)and Kouenji (高円寺) to see 2 different matsuri.  Nouryou (納涼) the first and awaodori  (阿波踊り)the second. The main difference was the first is a long long street full of stands…..but they are different from the other stands because they are chic, they are oshiare….champagne, wine….in a matsuri! It was something incredible but Azabujuban is an area rich close to Roppongi so it’s quite normal. The second one is about dance in the street typical japanese dances. Arrived there late, I was pretty sure that find a nice place was impossible. I was right. It was really toooooooo crowded and I thought I couldn’t take any photo there. This time I wanted to use my Fuji Tx1 with the con tax TL140 flash so I wanted to stay at about 2 meters from the subject.

Well……say impossible was not enough, but sometimes fate change and I had the opportunity to find a seat in the first raw to enjoy 40 minutes of this special event! 3 rolls (2 Neopresto 400 B/W film used at 125 shutter speed and f16-5.6 and a Velvia 100F expired in 2007 ). Definitely a great experience.

The B/W film as usual were developed by me using fujifilm products and then in postproduction I just increased their black value, probably due to some scanner problem, but not sure. The slide film was processed by photo lab with kodak process. What is the difference between kodak and fuji process…..well honestly don’t know but being a 7 years old film I think that was processed quite well.

Here is the selection I made. Enjoy it and Stay Click!

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