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August 2016, Taiwan with a bunch of Kodak rolls and the Fuji TX-1 panorama. The country is really nice and suitable for street photography. For people that had chance to go to HongKong or China can find some similarities. But at the same time, for nature lovers as well, Taiwan can give you a lot. Autumn seems to be the best period of the year to visit it, due to the warm but not sweaty climate, and to avoid rainy season.

Here is a small selection from 11 rolls. Enjoy it and Stay Click


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After moving  to mainly film photography, all the process that is related to it start being definitely longer. We need time to develop the film, we need to scan, we need to fix to try to bring out the original quality of the film and so on.

This in addition to actual work duties makes the upload process  something not smooth as it was before. Today I upload a series of when i went to Ginza with my fuji Tx-1 and a roll of Kodak 200 color film with me. Usually when i use this camera i love to take panorama photos.

The way you have to look through the finder and image the scene is definitely different.

Here is a selection of the photos i took there. Enjoy it and Stay Click.


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Tsukiji, the fish market, in a warm December morning, with 2 cameras and 2 rolls of film. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to  go to Tsukiji market to take some photos with some friends. Despite of it was pretty “late” for Tsukiji style (usually people go there at 3:30 in the morning to assist to the tuna auction), because we started our photo tour at 9am, i was surprise how many good chances for interesting shoot is still possible to find. This time i wanted to focus on people. People that spend their days at the market trying to sell the fish. People that are not used to be direct main subject of the photo. Except a couple of them to whom i asked specifically to take photos to, the others were really friendly and available to be “model” for me.

Here is a selection of the photos I did. For this shooting session i used, as i said, 2 cameras:

– Contax G1

– Ricoh R1s

both with fujicolor 100 ISO. Both cameras are equipped with autofocus, that is pretty convenient in situation like this, where time and location don:t allow you to set up easily the shoot. Even if recently i moved back to color film, I felt like for a couple of frames, the black and white was the best solution.

But here is the selection i chose. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


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September 2015, China , The Great Wall. Something that everyone had chance to study about at school. I still remember when at school, with scissors and glue we prepared posters and reviews. This time with a Fujifilm Velvia 100F and the Fujifilm Tx1, after the expensive maintenance , I was able to take photos of what I always dreamed to visit to. It is huge, it is long it is super crowded and it is so old but magnifically still there! Pictures don`t fully express how beautiful is it, but if you have time please enjoy this small gallery.

The subject is perfect for the panorama mode, and the Fujifilm Tx1 can really do its best in this kind of situation. The Velvia 100f is a nice film, but I honestly expected a little bit  more on the green and blue colors. The photos were scanned by hp photosmart s20, and then post produced with photoshop to enhance contrast and clarity and to push up a little bit of green.

Enjoy it and Stay click!


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After long long time I could use again my Fujifilm Tx1, after for a problem to the rear cur ten and to the film mechanism I couldn’t use it at all. This time I use it during the Hachijouji festival hold the second week of August.  I used 2 rolls both Fuji, with ISO 200 and 100. That affected some photos especially after the matsuri began, because was in the late afternoon and was not possible to use the  tripod. Here is the selection I did.

Stay click and enjoy it!


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Recently after 9 years, I had the chance to visit Hiroshima.

This time, after long time, I decided to use again my digital camera, the Fuji x-e1. 

In the 3 days i spent there I had chance to visit the city and Miyajima island plus, for the first time, Kurashiki city.  The camera was set up to velvia film and full manual controls with ISO ranging from 200 to 400. Thanks to the good weather, and probably to the colors around I think that the result was pretty good.

All the photos came out directly from the camera without any kind of photoshop fix except resize.

Here is the selection I did, enjoy it and Stay click!




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New “walking in Tokyo” series. Around Tokyo, Ginza and Kitasenju with Leica M5 and Ilford 50. This time I develop the Ilford film at home for the first time. I used the Ilford chemical too and I think the result was not bad.

This is the selection I chose. Enjoy It and Stay click!


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In this gallery I tried for the first time an half frame camera.  One of my photographer friend introduced me his Pen EE and talked to me about this half frame system. I was interested about it so I started to look around for an half frame camera. The market has some interesting model and looking here and there I found a Ricoh Auto Half SE2 camera. This is a nice camera that works in auto mode (there is the opportunity to control few parameters). I found a roll of Fuji superia 400 in a camera I bought (unfortunately it was new roll) so I decided to test it with this camera (I wanted a color film with 400 ISO to be able to test the camera in different situation even when the available light is not enough).

Except some frames that didn’t came out, the final result was pretty interesting, and the film (I think is not available anymore) is a good one! The camera is able to set up automatically aperture and shutter speed, and the particular half frame size let to put together 2 photos that sometime fitting so well each other.

I was not able to remember which frame was next to which, especially because I used this camera for several days (27 exposure for 2), and is it fun when scanning the film see the results, and what kind of coupled frame comes out.

This is a selection of the photos I took. Enjoy it and Stay Click!!


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For the first time I tried the Ilford 50 film together with my Leica M5. The nice thing is that I bought the bulk roll and started to make each film roll by myself. It`s fun and cheaper, especially considering the cost of film nowdays.

This film is particular good in really sunny days. It was the lowest film I ever tried and I`ve to say that the result is good and i liked the sharpness and the contrast.

This time i decided to bring the film to the photo shop for the development, but next time I want to try to develop by myself using Ilford chemicals (this time was developed using kodak ones). Will it really be different?

However this is the selection i did. Enjoy it and Stay Click



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Again a new Walking in Tokyo gallery. Even this time the same set Leica M5 and the Fujifilm Across 100.

Even this time the reliability of the film was great both in really sunny that cloudy situation. I have to admit I`m really surprised by the result that is possible to obtain with this film. Even this time, like the previous post, the film is was scanned and no other special fix in photoshop except some trimming.

Here is the selection I did, Enjoy it and Stay Click!

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