Al momento stai visualizzando FUJI GS645


At the end of February I could get my test roll developed for the Fuji GS645 (folding body, 75mm lens). This camera is a 120-220 film camera made by Fuji in 3 different versions. Mine is the older model with the lens that can be folded making the camera really compact and easy to bring around. The first version was released in 1983 (

Fuji GS645

To test this camera I used the over 30 years old HP5 220. The result was pretty good but I had to increase exposure. I don’t know if the problem is in the film or in the metering of this camera. I will try with a Fuji Across 100.

The camera results pretty easy to be used even if sometime change fast settings is not the easiest thing to do. Also regarding the folding configuration need to take care of put the focus on infinity position and load the camera for the next photo.

One of the nice thing of this camera is that being a 6×4,5 the base frame shape is in portrait position, making it easy to use for taking people photos. Some models has a double tripod hole to use it even in landing position.

Here is the photos I took with this camera. Enjoy the gallery and Stay Click!


Keigo Moriyama Aerospace Engineer with the passion for photography start his career in 2006. Till now he made more than 7 exhibitions and work for Ryan&Rych ( the new italian fashion brand. Keigo's interested in working with performance artists, models,makeup artists, and stylists "The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE." Ernst Haas