Al momento stai visualizzando ILFORD HP5


Last week on January 2nd I went with my friend Andy to have a photo walk around Ueno area. I thought it was a great chance to try a very old Ilford HP5 220 film that was expired in Feb 1982. It was my first Ilford and I was really interested in trying this film expired 32 years ago. Of course I could’t expect so much from this roll so I decided for the first use to try in a sunny day. It is a 400 ISO film and I used it with this setting. When I gave to the photo lab waiting for the result was really exciting. And even more was the result! The photo lab told me that the “color” and gradation was not so strong (obviously). When I scanned it with the Epson GT-8700f  the results were too dark so in these photos post production I mainly work fixing exposure and contrast. On the opposite side the film is pretty good looking through the light table so I’m sure it is only a scanner setting.

As first film of the year I’m definitely satisfied for the result. Here you are the selection from the 24 frames. Enjoy it and Stay Click!


Keigo Moriyama Aerospace Engineer with the passion for photography start his career in 2006. Till now he made more than 7 exhibitions and work for Ryan&Rych ( the new italian fashion brand. Keigo's interested in working with performance artists, models,makeup artists, and stylists "The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE." Ernst Haas