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January 13th Tokyo Shinagawa Aquarium. After about 4 years I decided to go back to visit Shinagawa Aquarium, this time to have the opportunity to take some videos too (not posted here yet because I’m still thinking how to use them).  Today winter in Tokyo is pretty cold and the aquarium can be a nice alternative to spend one afternoon.  Not extremely crowded I had also the opportunity to see my first dolphin show. Impressive how these animals are so intelligent and can’t wait this summer when I’m planning to swim with them.

Taking photos in an aquarium put you in front of  a big challenge: light is not enough and at the same time you need to keep shutter speed quite fast to freeze the fishes in the aquarium, of course they will not pose for you keeping the same position till you finish to take the photo. Plus no tripod allowed (unless you are a famous photographer with a special permission but of course is not my case).  Fortunately the Canon 7d has great result even with high ISO so I just needed to focus on shutter speed and aperture. Because I chose the 18-135EFS the range of aperture was around 3.5-5.6 but the results were pretty good.

Plus during the dolphin show I just pushed the camera to high speed to try to take as much frame as possible during the dolphins’ jump. No special adjustment on Photoshop except for the dolphins photos just giving a little bit more of exposure and clarity.

Enjoy the gallery and Stay Click!


Keigo Moriyama Aerospace Engineer with the passion for photography start his career in 2006. Till now he made more than 7 exhibitions and work for Ryan&Rych ( the new italian fashion brand. Keigo's interested in working with performance artists, models,makeup artists, and stylists "The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE." Ernst Haas