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Again Puglia's photos. This time dunes and sea. After 10 years not so much changed but the beauty of this place is probably because never changes. Fujifilm X-E1 and Canon…

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End of April here in Japan was the "Showa Day"(http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/昭和の日). I had the opportunity to get 3 day off and after long time I decided to go to south of…

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Sunny Sunday of spring 2014. New lens (50mm f1.8) and need to take new photos. I decided to go to go to Yoyogi park that is always a good place…

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Spring is here, good weather hot temperature and finally Sakura!!! Here in Japan everyone is waiting for the cherry blossom and finally the pink and white flowers are decorating the…

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February 8th 2014 Kanto area snow!!! This year is the first snow in this area and there is lots of snow. I had the chance to go out around my…

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January 4th Saturday. Last Saturday of long Xmas vacation. With my family  in such a strange hot day for being the beginning of January we decided to do a one…

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December 30th. Last day of this short trip to the south of Japan. For the 3rd time I`m going around Kyoto city accompanied with my family and new friends. One…

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December 29th after 7 hours of night bus we arrived at Kyoto and moved to Nara for a one day trip. As usual the most interesting thing of Nara and…

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