After long long time I could use again my Fujifilm Tx1, after for a problem to the rear cur ten and to the film mechanism I couldn't use it at…

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On August 24th I decided to visit another special festival here in Japan, probably one of the last one for this summer. The Super Yosakoi ( 2014 in Harajuku area.…

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August is famous in Japan for lots of Matsuri that are festival where people┬ápouring the streets between stands, fireworks, yukata and jinbei. This time on august 23rd I went to…

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28 december 2013 Odaiba Tokyo, the last day for the Rainbow Hanabi (Fireworks) festival 2013. The event that for one month every saturday at 7pm for 10min at Odaiba show…

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Funasshi!!! Today`s best character at the Shiki character matsuri was Funasshi! This character recently is really really famous here in Japan and most of the people (adult and children) love…

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Shiki Character Matsuri. Today at Shiki there was a special festival with lots of famous characters . This kind of big puppet are really famous here in Japan. Lots of…

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Yesterday, because now is july 22nd, I went to visit the matsuri close to my house at Shiki. The intent was to try more with video this time and I…

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July Sunday 14 at Kasukabe, Saitama prefecture, there was a 2 days Festival. Usually I joined these kind of festival during the day so yesterday I had to challenge myself…

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Nagano, April 3rd, Hot Air Baloon Honda Grand Prix.During this event i tried to take photos for the first time at this special event Enjoy it! Stay clicked

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