January 18th and 19th to celebrate this year snowboard season I decided to go a couple of days to Mandarao close (?) to Nagano, to see how many times I…

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January 13th Tokyo Shinagawa Aquarium. After about 4 years I decided to go back to visit Shinagawa Aquarium, this time to have the opportunity to take some videos too (not…

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January 4th Saturday. Last Saturday of long Xmas vacation. With my family  in such a strange hot day for being the beginning of January we decided to do a one…

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December 30th. Last day of this short trip to the south of Japan. For the 3rd time I`m going around Kyoto city accompanied with my family and new friends. One…

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December 29th after 7 hours of night bus we arrived at Kyoto and moved to Nara for a one day trip. As usual the most interesting thing of Nara and…

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28 december 2013 Odaiba Tokyo, the last day for the Rainbow Hanabi (Fireworks) festival 2013. The event that for one month every saturday at 7pm for 10min at Odaiba show…

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December 1st 2013. In a quite hot day (17 degree probably a record here for december) I went to one of the most beautiful park in Tokyo:  Shinjuku Gyouen Mae…

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Today, after long time I could take day off and with a good friend I went to Chichibu to take autumn photos.  As usual my standard set was the Canon…

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Even this year is finishing and as usual I`m going to release the Nengajo or the postcard that here in Japan people usually  send to their friends or family or…

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Funasshi!!! Today`s best character at the Shiki character matsuri was Funasshi! This character recently is really really famous here in Japan and most of the people (adult and children) love…

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