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February 8th 2014 Kanto area snow!!! This year is the first snow in this area and there is lots of snow. I had the chance to go out around my…

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Today, after long time I could take day off and with a good friend I went to Chichibu to take autumn photos.  As usual my standard set was the Canon…

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Funasshi!!! Today`s best character at the Shiki character matsuri was Funasshi! This character recently is really really famous here in Japan and most of the people (adult and children) love…

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Finally this time using film (Fuji Velvia 100) worked with Caffenol! I just followed the previous process. But this time I considered ISO as 50 value and well it worked…

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Last week I went with my photo walk friend to Shinjuku to take some photos with films. That was a great opportunity for me to try my Mamiya RB67 with…

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21st may 2012 Japan, Saitama 99.6% of solar eclipse. An event that to be visible again here we have to wait 300 years old..... This was my first experience with…

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