I`m here again with another film developed and scanned by myself. And I`m here again with the Fujifilm TX-1. The camera and it`s panorama mode is really something incredible. The…

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Sunny Sunday of spring 2014. New lens (50mm f1.8) and need to take new photos. I decided to go to go to Yoyogi park that is always a good place…

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Spring is here, good weather hot temperature and finally Sakura!!! Here in Japan everyone is waiting for the cherry blossom and finally the pink and white flowers are decorating the…

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Saturday 12 hanging out around Yoyogi I stopped again with my Canon 7D and the 18-135 EFS at the entrance of the park. As usual the rocker where there to…

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After long long time I post again new photos. Again taken with Fuji x10. This time I went to Yoyogi park and because it was Sunday lots of "Japanese Rockers"…

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Last Sunday with friends I had something that here in Japan is called Hanami. During this Hanami, people meet each other to eat and drink like in a picnic under…

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Today at Yoyogi park there were the ¬†Hokkaido festival so I decided to bring my camera there to try to take some street life photos. Well the place was really…

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Today when i was walking with some good friends at Yoyogi park when I decided to try my Macro filter. These are the photos! Being the first time with this…

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